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A believer and teacher of the Word of God and of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are of the Pentecostal Holiness faith grounded in the Apostles' Doctrine.

How to Correctly Read the Bible

What exactly is the Apostles' Doctrine, and how does it help in interpreting God's Word? The apostle's teachings sprang from the Old Testament because they had not yet written the epistles. The Old Testament was then, the Law, which consisted of the Ten Commandments, many ordinances, rituals and traditions that the children of Israel were to obey. Obeying the Law of God was an anticipated part of life during Old Testament times, not only for Israel, but also for the world, which revolved around the laws of the Old Testament as the natural laws of life...[READ MORE]

The Antichrist is not a Man, the Antichrist is a Spirit

Too many Hollywood producers, book authors, and unlearned preachers have saturated society with the image of a person (some man) in particular, as being the antichrist. But that is biblically incorrect. The Bible never says that the antichrist is a man. In each mention of the antichrist, the Bible refers to it as a spirit...[READ MORE]

Get Your Soul Right with God: the Second Coming is Much Closer

If the current American political administration pursues an agenda of hate and persecution, domestically and internationally, the country and world will revolt and there will be a world war. Men who deem money and military strength as the ultimate rule over the lives of others will surely ignore or destroy anything that gets in the way. And when faith in God and humanity is lost, the world as we know will surely change for the worse...[READ MORE]

How the Second Coming, or "The Rapture" will Actually Happen

Many preachers and teachers of the end times have given their own stipulated title to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and call it, "The Rapture." First of all, those words "The Rapture," is not anywhere in the Bible. The proper term would be Second Coming, nevertheless, terminology is not that important, however, the event is very important; such as to not be led astray...[READ MORE]

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You are going to learn things here that you will not learn in church. Mysteries of life and of the Holy Bible revealed through prophecy and the Word of God from a man kept secluded from secular society by God.

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